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Is your event date on Saturday taken? You can save $1,000 if you are flexible with the day and take Friday or Sunday. The saving is great if you are on a tight budget and still want to enjoy all the services the event center can offer you.


The prices and services we offer make the Saturdays go very fast. 


Gold Package


Gold Package – Hall and Decoration

Hall items above, and the following:

Chiavari Chairs, Tables, Free Ice, Cake Table, Gift Table, DJ Table, and Catering Tables, Centerpieces, Backdrop, Table Runners or Overlays, Security, Servers, and Cleaning. Also included are Ambien Lights, Projectors, Celebrant Chairs (Bride and Groom Chairs), Fridge, Bar Area, Microwave, Coolers, and Changing Room.

More decoration types tailored toward special events and tastes are also available. Call (214) 863-9715 or (469) 586-4168 for more information on other exquisite decoration types. 

  • We work with our customers 

Diamond Package

Diamond Package – Everything included in Gold Package + More… (People’s No. 1 Choice)

Package includes Everything included in Gold package + 

Diamond Package: Food, Disposable Plates, and Cutleries.

Rentals (Add-Ons Available): Chaffing Dishes, Charger Plates, China Plates, Bowls, Cake Plates, Wine Glasses, and Cutleries.

Our servers will pick up your dishes, clear your tables, dispose of the trash, and you just need to concentrate on enjoying your event only. 

Our Rental Contract

We make our packages all-inclusive for you! When you choose Star Banquet Events as your event venue, we can do as much or as little as you need, including the setup, catering, and entertainment. We are your convenient one-stop-shop for all your event. Let us know what you are thinking of and we can give you a price.

Call for special offers and discounts for emergency events 3-weeks or less